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Check the status of your tax refund

You may call toll-free or go online to check the status of your income tax return e-filed by Accutax. Have the following information handy:

  • Your social security number (of primary taxpayer, if filing jointly)
  • Your filing status (single, joint, married filing separately, head of household, widow/er)
  • The exact dollar amount of refund you are expecting (from your personal copy of tax return)

Federal tax refund

Call toll-free:  (800) 829-1954
Or click on this link:  IRS Refund Status
To inquire about an offset:  (800) 304-3107

New York State refund

Call toll-free:  (800) 443-3200 or (800) 225-5829
Or click on this link:  New York State Refund Status