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Our postings help you keep a lookout for tax deductions you may have missed and take a more in-depth look at topics that will interest most individual taxpayers and small businesses. 

Time to organize your records 

January is the best time to create a collection point to hold W-2 forms, investment statements and other tax-related documents.  It could be as simple as a large envelope or a small accordion file.  A few documents arrive in December, but most arrive throughout January and February.  Then when you are ready to visit Accutax, you have all your data at hand.  Remember, the IRS gets a copy of most of these forms, so it's best to wait for all your paperwork to arrive before making your appointment.  Click here for a full list of items to bring.

Download our checklists and free brochures

Self-employed individuals and landlords: If you file Schedule C, Schedule E or both, click the "Download Checklists" and "Small Businesses Only" bars to the left for help organizing business income and expenses.

Individual and joint filers: Download the General checklist to make sure you collect all expenses that qualify to reduce your tax liability.  And there are free brochures you can print out on dozens of tax-related topics.


Are you a volunteer fireman or EMT?  Then you are entitled to a $200 to $400 credit against your New York State income tax.  Your Accutax tax preparer will apply for the credit.